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We Supply Structural Steelwork Drawings

Structural Steel Drawings

Why Choose SSD For Your Steelwork Detailing?

When it comes to selecting a detailer for your steelwork we understand that your project is VERY important to you ... AND your client and that selecting the detailer is a critical decision ... the success of the project may hang on this outcome. We aim to provide you with the best detailing service possible and strive to provide drawings that are on PROGRAM and on PRICE.

We will enforce that the steel is detailed to your exact requirements and standards. Compliance, Confidentiality, Accuracy and Completeness are all of upmost importance to US to drive your project over the line... ERROR FREE. Our hope is that you will return to us with future steelwork projects and we can foster a beneficial relationship going forward. We are with you for the Long Game!

Choose Experience

Blending our detailing experience with the most tried and tested tech used for the 3d modelling of steel structures has brought us in close contact with many Steelwork Fabricators over many years. We hope you will choose our experience and join our existing clients. Please let us know if you have any enquiries regarding steelwork drawings using our contact form and we will return to you promptly.

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Free Upload to SketchFab

With every steelwork detailing project drawn, we offer an anonymized upload of the 3d structural steel model to SketchFab. These uploads are extremely useful and are popular with non-cad users to visualize the project's steelwork. This is all provided for FREE! Check out our Sketchfab profile for more models of steel structures.

Universal Format

The SketchFab model is in the same format regardless of the type or size of the structural steelwork being drawn. Models are uploaded on request and are always fully anonymized.

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Experienced Structural Steelwork Detailer

Calling on a huge amount of structural detailing experience spanning over three decades we have successfully completed hundreds of projects, on-time and within the clients budget for the steelwork. We specialize in constructional steel for Portal Frames / Beam and Column / Staircases / Walkways / Mezzanines / Extensions / Residential / Spiral staircases and many other forms of structural steelwork. We will raise and manage RFI's and, if required, engage with your design team as necessary over the duration of the project to ensure everything goes smoothly and according to program and budget. Any variations are flagged during the drawing procedures, ensuring you are covered with any modifications or additions to the steelwork drawings.

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Erected Structural Steel Portal Frame Haunch Drawings
Erected Structural Steel Portal Frame Haunch Drawings
Structural Steel In Fabrication Shop
Structural Steel In Fabrication Shop
Structural Steel Model for Office Building
Structural Steel Model for Office Building

The Steelwork Model

With every project, we produce an accurate model of the structure which leads to the production of the following steelwork Production/Erection packages:

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Example Structural Steelwork Drawn and Erected
Example Structural Steelwork Drawn and Erected
Structural Steelwork Awaiting Delivery on Wagon after drawings and design completed
Structural Steelwork Awaiting Delivery on Wagon after drawings and design completed

FREE Steelwork Rendering

Finally, we can provide FREE renderings of working connections, areas for resolution/discussion or the entire project. These are helpful to show to stakeholders where perhaps an issue needs to be resolved that's not easily visualized or for the project to be exposed on social media. Tell me more about this feature!

Structural Steel detailing Free Renderings
Structural Steel detailing Free Renderings

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a structural steel drawing?

A structural steel drawing, also known as a steelwork or fabrication drawing, is a technical document that details the design, dimensions, materials, and connections of steel components in a construction project. These drawings are essential for steel fabrication and construction, providing precise instructions for creating and assembling steel structures such as buildings, bridges, and industrial facilities. They serve as a communication tool between architects, engineers, and construction teams, ensuring accuracy and safety in the construction process.

How do you read a structural steel detail drawing?

To read a structural steel detail drawing, start with the title and general information, check the scale, interpret symbols and dimensions, review material specifications, and follow assembly instructions while considering safety and compliance requirements.

Who prepares structural steel shop drawings?

Structural steel shop drawings are typically prepared by specialized professionals known as structural steel detailers or drafters. These experts use architectural and engineering plans to create detailed drawings that guide the fabrication and construction of steel structures.

What are the different types of drawings in steel structures?

In steel structures, various types of drawings serve distinct purposes. Architectural drawings provide the overall design, showing how the structure integrates with the surroundings. Structural drawings detail load-bearing elements, specifying sizes, shapes, and materials. Fabrication drawings instruct the fabricator in manufacturing individual cleats/plates/sections with precise dimensions and welding specifications. Erection drawings offer on-site assembly instructions, ensuring correct placement and alignment of steel members. Additionally, there are shop drawings, which provide further fabrication details, and coordination drawings, which address interferences between various trades. These drawings collectively form a comprehensive set that facilitates the construction process, from design to installation.

What info will the steel detailer need to produce the drawing package?

The detailer will require upto date drawings and calulations from the Structural Engineer and Project Architect aswell as a site survey information if the structure is related to any existing structures.

Detailing software packages can import data from all parties or use BIM to control the project.

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